College Recruitment

Starting a Career at Charter

Get an inside look from our college recruits who invigorate our culture and push us to do better every day.

College graduates have incredible opportunities within Charter Manufacturing. Whether recent college graduates enter the organization through the Leadership Development Program, the Materials Associate Program or an entry level position, our many business facets allow you to get a wide breath of knowledge as well as focus on areas that fit within your areas of study.

Leadership Development Program

Our program has the following structure:

  • Four (4) rotations extending over a 26-month period. Rotations may be at multiple locations or in multiple states
  • The Leadership Development Associate (LDA) will have projects to work on individually. He or she will also work with cross-functional teams within the business. These assignments will provide the LDA with opportunities to develop leadership skills
  • The LDA will be immersed into various business areas as an integral part of Charter Manufacturing
  • He or she will have a direct manager during each rotation as well as a mentor throughout the program
  • Opportunities for additional training and development throughout the program
  • At the end of the rotational assignment, the individual will be placed in a role in the business that matches his or her interests and talents

We recruit the following majors for various entry level positions:

Business Majors

  • Accounting/Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Sales/Marketing
  • Supply Chain
  • Operation Management

Engineering Majors

  • Electrical
  • Environmental
  • Automation Controls
  • Industrial
  • Manufacturing
  • Materials/Metallurgical
  • Mechanical

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