Why Work Here

We Are Invested In You

When you work at Charter Manufacturing you’re part of a four-generation family business. That means, you’re not just an employee, you’re one of our family members.

We believe in mutual trust. Employees are respected and empowered to explore new and better ways to impact the success of the company. Employees, at every level, are valued for their motivation to deliver the best products and service.

We are in this together. Charter has a thriving team environment. Part of being a family means we collaborate, learn, thrive and benefit – together.

We are committed to your future. The forward thinking and enthusiasm from our team drives us to create resources and opportunities for employees to learn, develop and create their own future.

We celebrate you. We are successful because of our employees — and their great work doesn’t go unnoticed. We recognize and reward our employees for their contributions.


Hear directly from our employees about why Charter is such a special place to work.

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Listen in as employees from across our business share their career stories and how they are empowered to do their best work.


They are the heart of our company, dedicated and empowered to do incredible work and deliver the best products to our customers. Hear how trust, teamwork and pride in what they do leads to employees who love their jobs and are inspired to stay at Charter throughout their careers.

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Our employees have the autonomy to make decisions and are empowered to bring their best every day. With an entrepreneurial spirit and a “can-do” attitude, hear how they work together to drive continuous improvement and growth for our company.

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Our highly skilled team members create exceptional products. That’s why we invest in their skills and expertise throughout their careers so they can continue to improve their craft. Our apprenticeship program is one way they learn the trade and gain the skills and experience to professionally develop and make Charter better. Hear from our skilled tradespeople how they contribute to the business and have grown in their careers.

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The next generation is our future, that’s why we enable people who are early in their career to take ownership of meaningful project work and responsibilities that directly tie to the success of our business. Hear from our employees about our investment in internships, rotational programs and entry-level positions, creating empowered people who will lead Charter for generations to come.

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